16 Sign Ups, 10 Days, All Paid in Full for a Semi-Private PT Program.
Written by Jimmy Halley on Dec. 5th 2018
This is using simple yet tried and true systems across my 3 locations.

This time of year (Xmas), most gyms and trainers are playing defence.

Trying to just “get by”.

Avoid the hustle, stress and cancelations by having a plan of attack by going on the offence.

Doing less will never solve any of your problems.

And remember this.

Whatever you tell yourself will be a self fulfilling prophecy.

You’re at a fork in the road and you can go 1 of 2 ways.

Road #1 

If you say things like,

“No one wants to join a gym this time of year”

“Everyone is away on holidays”

Well, you’re going to look for “proof” to validate your reasoning.


Road #2

You can say things like:

"There are plenty of people that want to get fit now and don’t want to wait to Jan."

"There are plenty of people that want to mitigate all the xmas parties and bad food now."

"I can help these people, now"

And you can get your ass into gear and help these people now.

Jimmy "what you think, becomes reality" Halley

P.S If you want to know more about how I can help you implement this into your business, just shoot me a PM on FB HERE

But leave your Credit Card at home… this isn’t one of those sales calls disguised as a “strategy sessions”. This is just to see if this is even going to be the right thing for you first.

Take the power back into your business and control into your life.

No need for marketing agencies (even if you’re a complete text tard)

No need for massive marketing budgets (the clients will be funding the marketing for you…seriously).

No need for sleazy sales tactics (just simple conversations that help people).

This is just real stuff that works over and over again… every time.

Anyways, shoot me a PM if you wanna have a chat to find out a bit more.

Jimmy Halley

Jimmy helps Gym Owners and Personal Trainers start, grow and scale profitable businesses. He is an expert at helping people using systems, online marketing and making things dead simple to understand... but more importantly, implement.

If you're interested in having more clients, more profits, scaling and having more freedom then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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